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The most popular and complete K&E hardbound book, 186 pages, see our review on the Slide Rule Universe. To do a calculation. Many problems with answers in back of book. We do not recommend surface mail for international shipments. What is the standard slide rule?

To place your order, follow these easy steps: Order Your Copy Now! In a separate calculation you find the order of magnitude by combining the powers of 10. William OughtredWilliam Oughtred was one of the world’s great mathematicians. Frederick Post Slide Rule Cross Reference This chart lists all "Frederick Post" brand slide rules by model number and by when they were sold. ©1962, very informative for all rules, including the final Deci-lon rules.

Four typical models spanning a basic to a most advanced example available in the 70s are presented below. Richly illustrated with 97 color photographs, it is suitable for everyone from new beginners to long time collectors. As the name implies, the K-12 Prep rule was designed for high school students, and the manual is therefore directed toward someone with a high school. A must-have reference book. Price describes the background of the rule.

org) members "Dad says that anyone who can&39;t use a slide rule is a cultural illiterate and should not be allowed to vote. The Oughtred Society William Oughtred was an original and creative mathematician, and one of the many fathers of the science behind the slide rule. If you want to order more than 3 Manuals, please contact us via e-mail Oughtred Society Slide Rule Home Page. The First Edition Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual is now available.

If you are ordering 1 to 3 copies of the Manual, please add your mailing cost from the list above to the price for your Manual(s) to determine your total cost. Sumptiously illustrated in colour, available as a high quality softback from the Society, but they also generously offer a version as a free Acrobat file format download from their website. In 1722, Warner introduced the two- and three-decade scales, and in 1755 Everard included an inverted scale; a. This comes in both green and aqua colored covers. Oughtred&39;s ideas were only made public in publications of his student William Forster in 16.

Click on the book cover at left to see the details, and order your copy. The slide rule, also known colloquially in the United States as a slipstick, is a mechanical analog computer. The policy of ISRM is to continue this practice, without restrictions in order to provide research and educational information to the world at large.

With this document, the Oughtred Society wishes to introduce itself and provide a service to the great numbers of slide rule enthusiasts, collectors, and users with whom the Society is not currently acquainted. Many, though the oughtred society slide rule reference manual not all of the page images, are larger than will fully display in a default browser and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 uses automatic image resizingto make it fit without scrolling. The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual. Here is a very simple slide rule for addition, but it may also be used for subtraction.

Instruction society Manuals: K&E Slide Rule Manuals. This new Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual contains basic slide rule instructions, plus over 100 color photos of slide rules, and much contemporary information, including chapters on such subjects as History of the Slide Rule, Slide Rules on the Internet, Cleaning and Caring for Your Slide Rule, Collecting Slide Rules, Major Slide Rule Makers and Some of Their Common Models, Slide Rules for Special Applications, Tricks and Time Savers, etc. Post never manufactured their own slide rules but they were vigorous sellers of other manufacturer&39;s rules--some under the "Post" name and some under the original manufacturer&39;s name.

Very good condition to some minor marks, some worn. . Did William Oughtred invent the slide rule? Versalog Instruction Manuals. . Authors: Feisenheiser, Budenholzer and Fisher. Postage cost covers up to 3 Manuals. What is the "Oughtred s" slide rule?

Click on the logo above to see the details, and order your copy. Excellent for any general purpose slide rule, not just Post Versalogs. In 1677, created a two-foot folding rule for timber measure, called the, expanding the slide rule&39;s use beyond mathematical inquiry. Special K&E Presentations, Brochures, and Articles About K&E: K&E Slide Rule Patents; Special Brochures and Publications by K&E "Mendell Penco Weinbach and the K&E Log Log Vector Slide Rules" by William K Robinson Slide Rule Collecting Groups: The Oughtred Society; The ISRG (International Slide Rule. Editor of Joe Soper&39;s book K&E Salisbury Products Division Slide Rules. See similar items. Your Manual might be damaged. However, today we do not recognise his name and neither is his truly remarkable invention still in use.

You may pay for your Manual with your credit card via PayPal, just click on the appropriate button in the table below. Glodbal Knowledge Business Analysis Essentials Slide & Workbook. The Journal of the Oughtred Society, published twice annually, is available only to members of The Oughtred Society. See full the oughtred society slide rule reference manual list on oughtred. Cleaning of slide rules is well covered in The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual. The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual The Oughtred Society is pleased to present this new document for all to use.

How might it be used to perform the subtraction, 9 - 6? The important thing is to regularly inspect every item in your collection for any problem signs. Only by doing this can you ensure that a serious problem will not occur. -- The Gristmill A valuable contribution to the slide rule collecting community. To display an image at full size (if it is not already), place the cursor over the lower-right corner of the image and see if the resizing icon appears. These are actual postage costs for shipment by the U. 00 plus mailing cost. 1622: William Oughtred combines two logarithmic scales for the oughtred society slide rule reference manual a primitive slide rule 1675: Isaac Newton adds a cursor 1722: John the oughtred society slide rule reference manual Warner adds squares, cubes, and their roots 1815: Peter Roget adds log-log scales 1859: Amedee Mannheim arranges into modern form.

The Slide Rule and How to Use It: A Text-Work Book (1 times) Clavis Mathematicae Denuo Limata, Sive Potius Fabricata by William Oughtred (1 times) A Seminar on How to Use the Slide Rule by The Oughtred Society (1 times) The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual by The Oughtred Society (1 times) Der moderne Rechenstab. His invention - the slide rule - is a victim of the calculator and the computer. The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manualis now available. How To Use The Slide Rule Written by Mike Konshak, curator of the International Slide Rule Museum (www. Elegant in its simplicity, the slide rule was invented circa 1622 by William Oughtred, an Anglican minister, as a device for rapid calculation by the utilization of logarithmic scales. The slide rule was invented in 1622 by William Oughtred.

All the images of slide rules in the galleries and the PDF files of scanned books, manuals and instructions have been free to download since. How do you use the slide rule? The Oughtred Society charges no handling cost. Click on picture to enlarge. Additionally, The slide rule does not tell you where the decimal point is located in the answer. The slide rule is a case in point. The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual, second edition, 102pp.

They still use the slides to teach logarithms because they find that students retain more when they learn with slides than with. This internationally acclaimed journal is the most authoritative source on slide rules and other calculating devices, with each issue containing 64 pages of information about makes and makers, models, uses, history, and more. Edited by Ted Hume and Bob Koppany. com) with acknowledgments to Derek Ross and the Oughtred Society (www.

Their relative sizes and weights can clearly vary quite widely, dependent on the model style, materials and number of scales. He received the Oughtred Society Award and is a Fellow of the Oughtred Society and past OS director. An article in the March 1993 Oughtred Society Journal by Osborne I.

But I am also attracted. Free On-Line BOOK: The Oughtred Society is proud to announce the publication of LONG-SCALE SLIDE RULES in LIFE-SIZE IMAGES by Otto E. The Oughtred Society is "Dedicated to the History and Collection of Slide Rules". The 10 inch slide r.

The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual How I Do It : Dr. It is a heavy frame rule built on the large Mannheim frame used for the 4096 Merchants Slide Rule. This is the second edition of the Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual, compiled with help from collectors all over the world, and organized, written, photographed and designed by talented volunteers from the Oughtred Society. van Poelje, dedicated to the memory of our Oughtred Society fellow collector & long-scale slide rule connoisseur Edwin Chamberlain.

The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual, Editors Ted Hume & Bob Koppany, Striking Impressions, Covers types of rule, how to use one, typical slide rules, history, collecting, conservation. Hemmi 257L Chemistry Slide Rule Rear of rule shown. For slide rule enthusiasts, collectors and users there is an excellent online Reference Manual by the Oughtred Society covering all the basics and much more. -- Journal of the Oughtred Society This is an impressive compilation of information about this unique instrument. Hardbound 5-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches.

For cleaning/restoration tips try Eric Marcotte’s or Tom Dilatush’s webpage. Published in 1961, it has a much more modern appearance and writing style than earlier manuals. An incredibly rich visual publication, it has almost 100 color photos. The standard slide rule used 25 cm (some 10 inch) long scales— the top one extends the scales. Slide Rule, Leather Case, Instructions. This new Manual is the first in many years and is the only Manual of its kind. · The big computer problem of the 18th century was “Navigation Tables” for celestial navigation.

Oughtred’s Slide Rule A slide rule is simply a way of doing sums using a pair of rulers - one ruler sliding along the other. Black Body Radiation Slide Rules including the Thornton 5100, Aristo 922 and the General Electric GEN-15C are described on pages 53 to 60. Felsenthal Graphical Site Table Description This one-sided wooden instrument, similar to a slide rule, was designed in 1964 by Felsenthal Instrument Company but, according to the accession file, made at the Fort Sill Bookstore in Oklahoma. K&E K-12 Prep Instruction Manual. The best manufacturer&39;s manual ever to accompany a slide rule. Rodger Shepherd&39;s article about "the mechanics of collecting slide rules" International Slide Rule Museum : Images and more information about many models of slide rules.

The oughtred society slide rule reference manual

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