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Converting to the newer system simply means writing 1/60 instead of 1/50, and assuming the difference t. Welcome to the Lubitel 166 Resource page. The Lubitel-2 is so simple that it doesn&39;t surprise me that all parts are numbered: that way the camera could be pieced together by the lowliest of uneducated workers. Petersburg, Russia Film type 120 Picture size 6cm x 6cm (6 x 4.

. It has in common with toy cameras that it&39;s best suited not for technically perfect images, but more for artsy stuff. It’s a matter of perspective and, in the case of the 6×6 format, of image. 5, both faster and more wideangular than on the Komsomolets. Lots of links, the manual, useful advice and a gallery. There&39;s a viewfinder on the top with a magnifying glass, of which the lens is coupled to the taking lens, there&39;s a shutter with some easily understood functions, there&39;s a red window on the back with a little knob to rotate a protective plate in place, there&39;s an extractable rewind knob, there are strap lugs, there&39;s a tripod brush, and there is the back door lock. A much cheaper version of the Lubitel 166+ and in my opinion, just as good. · If you can find it, I&39;d suggest the newer Lubitel 166U (Universal).

The Lubitel series stretches back to 1949 with the Lubitel (at that point made under GOMZ the precursor to Lomo (lomo appears on the Lubitel 2). Petersburg) as the final evolution of the 166 series, which also includes. The older GOMZ case is a reddish, leatherlike brown with the GOMZ logo on the lens bulge, whereas the newer LOMO case is glossy black with the LOMO logo on the bulge. Roll out the film to the downside of the camera. · As you know, the Lubitel 166b is a 120mm film camera (see left film).

works like a charm. Related: lubitel 166 olympic lubitel 166b lubitel 166 universal lubitel 166 mint medium format camera lubitel 166u kiev 60 lubitel 166 plus kiev 88 lubitel 2 holga rolleicord Include description Category. The best thing is to leave it off, or use the Lubitel-2 without a case entirely. The very first time you look through the viewfinder of a TLR, you will notice that the mirror switches left and right. Produced 1976 – 1986 / Approx 70,000 units; Starting in ’76, the Lubitel was cast in modern-day plastic, rather than Bakelite. Lubitel Lubitel 166B Pdf User Manuals. It has powerful new features plus the option to shoot in both 1mm films. Which size to choose is up to you.

ages ago zement says: 166U (from a nice seller in Moscow). See full list on lomography. Petersburg), Russia. This model took the innovative Lubitel 166 and simplified it.

This gives you the chance to think before shooting and more space to fill in your art. I love shooting with my Lubitel, I love the sound of its shutte. 5 (stops to f22) Filter Size 40.

One of the factories to receive German tooling and expertise was GOMZ, who consequently reappeared in 1946 with their first new camera, the Komsomolets. Check the photos for detailed condition. But, if you really want to, you can get load 35mm rolls too (film on the right side).

Apparently the Lubitel-2 was sold without filters, even though the camera had a built-in filter compartment. The design is based on the early 1930s Voigtländer Brillant camera with various improvements. Everything works smoothly.

The Lubitel 166+ is Lomography&39;s loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. (The whole Twin Lens Reflex line actually, though that&39;s a bit like saying that all 35mm rangefinders are Leica copies. It&39;s simply fun.

The Lubitel 166b: A medium format TLR which transcends the concepts of bad or good. Its unlimited creative possibilities make it an analogue masterpiece. 5 lens made in USSR, at Lomo plant S/N. It also boasts of a waist-level viewfinder that allows you to shoot from the hip! The old Lubitel 166 was a Soviet-era mass-market medium format twin lens reflex camera. I do, however, own a Lubitel 166 (without the plus). If you prefer square format photos, leave the camera as you find it.

Lubitel (Russian: Любитель, Russian for amateur) refers to any of the several medium format twin-lens reflex cameras manufactured in Russia by LOMO. It has a nice bright waist level finder, sharp T-22 75mm f. The waist-level viewfinder is fairly conventional as TLRs go, and consists of the usual lens, mirror, matte glass and folding hood with magnifying glass. On the other hand, the 6×4. Produced in the 80s, The Lubitel 166U will introduce to you the wonders of medium format photography. You should feel even tension as you advance and the film smoothly transports. To kickstart the rebuild, the Soviet Union dismantled various German optical factories and shipped them eastward.

. The aperture changing grip. My first rub is the filter compartment. After lubitel 166u manual one million three hundred thousand Lubitels produced, GOMZ re-evaluated the design and decided to add a self-timer and a flash sync. Both my cameras have this problem. Read-out is through 9, the notch on the side of the ring.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > kyle_opitz. It&39;s not surprising that the Rollei quickly became a success and spawned many imitations. The Lubitel 2 was made in great numbers by the Leningrad GOMZ (later LOMO) factory. Fuji Provia 100F and Kodak T-MAX 100. It hosts a set of amazing features such as the capability of switching between 1mm film and aperture/shutter guides. 3m to infinity Read More. It&39;s fully manual, so you have full creative control over your shots.

Though you could conceivably go back even more in time and appoint the Rolleiflex as the Ur-Lubitel, it&39;s more practical to call the Voigtländer Brilliant the place where the retrospective buck stops. The literature claims that the Lubitel-2 came in two shutters: a ZT-5 with speeds of 1/10s to 1/200s, and a ZT-8 with 1/15s to 1/250s. With the historical and genealogical details out of the way, let&39;s take a closer look at the Lubitel-2. A Lubitel 166U is particularly compact for a medium format TLR (Pic: Phil Hearing/Flickr) Around the right-hand side of the taking lens is also where you’ll find the self-timer. Flipping open the viewfinder hood, we have the choice between using it as a sports viewfinder or using the matte glass.

Con el modo “B” (bulb) se puede conseguir manualmente cualquier velocidad de obturación, ya que el obturador se mantiene abierto. This is a pretty standard 10-second delay, useful for landscapes if you haven’t got a tripod handy or for group portraits. Gradually or not, in 1949 (according to factory data, although this would mean a two-year overlap with the Komsomolets, which I think is unlikely), the Lubitel saw the light.

The Lubitel 166B is a medium format camera that uses 120 film and takes 6x6 frames. More than two million were produced between 19. Desde el primer momento en que la ví (hará unos 15-20 años) ya me atrajo lo suficiente como para pensar que «algún día, si tengo tiempo y dinero.

If you line up Lubitel-2&39;s of different vintage, maybe the most obvious difference are the subtle changes in the logo. This creates a crude frame. 8, and its taking lens a T-22 75mm f/4. The 166U is a plastic camera which is built with big, if not huge, tolerances, and is made primarily of numbered plastic parts. The Lubitel 166U was produced at the LOMOfactory in Leninigrad (now St. · Lomo Lubitel 166+ Manual.

We teletransport ourselves to Leningrad in the year 1945. The original 166 is a somewhat rare model – as it’s production number (70,000) is far beneath the mammoth quantities commanded by the other models. », me haría con una. Move downwards to trip. The disadvantage is not being able to check your focus. The aperture indicating needle. Though superficially all Lubitel-2&39;s have the same scripted logo, there are quite some differences between an early and a later one.

The word Lubitelmeans “amateur” in Russian, and this helps in understanding lubitel 166u manual the character of this camera compared to other TLRs present in the market at that time. If you look closer, there are a lot of variations between seemingly similar Lubitel-2&39;s. Open the back lubitel 166u manual of your Lubitel. I&39;m inclined to believe that lubitel 166u manual there are many more variations, since they apparently engraved new stamps ma.

Not that it&39;s very impressive. · The lubitel 2 with the english name was my favourite stylistically. The shutter release lever. La Lubitel 166b tiene las siguientes velocidades de obturación: 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15 seg. What year was the Lubitel 166 made? Lubitel (cyrillic: Любитель) means "amateur" in Russian. The self-timer lever. 1 is an up-to-date and simple in operation camera intended for the widest range of photo amateurs.

· The Lubitel 166B is a medium format camera that uses 120 film and takes 6x6 frames. The TLR’s body is vertically built and has two lenses (hence, the “twin lens” in the name): the upper one is called the viewing lens and is the one used for composing the photo. Camera is new olsdstock condition. Lubitel means "Amateur".

I&39;ve actually lost one of the locking screws this way. 5 format gives you more images in a roll. Being made of plastic, it is sometimes lumped into the toy camera category, but it does have a glass lens and other features like several apertures and shutter speeds. Buy this camera and get 15% off on Lomography films! These pages are dedicated to the legendary Russian medium format camera. As mentioned earlier, the need to pre-cock the camera before shooting lets you be aware of the timing of the shots.

Rebuilding and revitalisation was nowhere more necessary than in Leningrad after 900 days of hardship under German siege. La Lubitel 166B fue una cámara fabricada entre 1980 y 1990 en la Unión Soviética. Camera LUBITEL 166U Universal LOMO Russian TLR camera Medium Vintage USSR 4 PCS. First of all, the Lubitel 166U is a twin lens reflex (TLR) camera. But this is only a minor point since you would usually keep the Lubitel in its case anyway, sealing off the compartment.

- Explore Dark Posterize&39;s board "Lubitel 166B", followed by 126 people on Pinterest. Camera Lubitel-166U Lomo with T-22 triple 75 mm f/4. Completely manual controls provide for total control over everything that happens. I own two: both are made of a laminated material, probably vinyl, that was punched into a pattern and sewn together to form a three-dimensional construct. - The Lubitel 166+ is Lomography&39;s loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic.

It combined good quality pictures with a superb control of the final image through the use of a waist-level finder, and a robust construction that did away with flexible and vulnerable bellows. The door is still held in place, but there is so much slack that it can rotate around the screw, exposing any filter to the outside environment and nullifying the protectional value of the chamber. See more ideas about lomography, photography, photo. See more results.

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